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I saw the lamp post and the slick streets….then waited for people with umbrellas. This image is about light in my mind.The Rain in Spain 11x copy


Some images need a second look. Like this one I shot recently. I was intrigued by the juxtaposition. Images should make you think, right?smiller

Expression's Everything

I titled this,”Wise Guy.” He was absolutely joyous as I shot some 20 images of him on an Asian street. He paid me no mind, instead dealing with admirers of his work. I think the Chinese characters add context to the shot.

Here was this tiny little soul, aboard her Dad’s boat, breathing in a big yawn as she came home from a day of fishing. It was her gesture, and white hat, that attracted my attention. Shooting only three quick frames, I made sure Dad was in the picture, but NOT dominant. Had his face been visable, it would have drawn attention from her.The image has good tonal range, but not as dramatic as some of my portraits.

Just back from my trip to Asia, I just printed this image- a good example (hopefully) of how contrast can add power to an image. Contrast of both subject matter and tones. As always, a decent images comes from a lot of walking and shooting. You can see more of my trip at (go to Combinations 16 and 17) or visit me at Courthouse Market (SAT) and at Eastern Market (SUN). Gee, from 80 degrees to winter weather. I will be the guy shivering…

Some images are literal. Others find their strength in the questions they pose, a challenge you might see in this image. Titled “Waitress Tip,” I chose to angle the camera to avoid revealing identities. Instead, I wanted to stress hands. My Eye of the Photographer classes covers image composition. See Winter classes.

I typically shoot to tell stories. But, I also make images to record memories. I normally remember broad things about travel, like seeing The Great Wall of China. My photographs, though, bring back the nuances of my experience. As a technical point, I find that color photographs fade faster than B&W. The key, though, is to keep your pictures out of the sun so that BOTH your memory and photograph don’t fade over time.

There she was. A beginning photo student of mine with a scrap book of her best images. Therin lies the problem. Many images were good, but 90% were not as worthy as the 10% which reflected her emerging skills. I told her she was surrounding herself with “average” when she should post, mount, hang -whatever- ONLY her best so that the bar was high, not low. Meantime, I will not return to Urban Village Market and Eastern until Aug 28.

I grew up looking at Life and Time Magazine, among many others. I urge you to go to

Focus and light tell your eyes what to do when looking at a photograph. Your eyes naturally gravitate to bright light and precise focus, as I have demontrated in the photograph you can see by clicking on my site. See you at the Courhouse Metro Sat and at Eastern Market Sun, weather permiting.