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It is one thing to photograph friends. Shooting people in public settings is entirely different. Most new photographers feel their actions are invasive. The trick is to determine your motive. IF you are truly interested in documenting the human condition, then stand tall- know that good comes from seeing the world through an inquiring shooter’s eyes. Besides, most people want to matter. To be part of the story. IF it is clear you are NOT wanted, respect the emotion and go elsewhere. Should people ask what you are doing, say, “I make images that tell the story of people. I am interested in you AND would happily share give you a print.” These are things I share in my photography classes.



  1. I’m always worried that people would get angry when I take picture of them

  2. At the market people are always assuming we are objects that they can stick a camera in our faces. I hate it. I think if one wants to take a picture of someones face, that one has to ask and be given permission by that person. Other wise this kind of image making is dehumanizing.

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