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Monthly Archives: January 2010

I meet most of my customers (“collectors”) at out door art markets. Vendors make a market, though. If no one shows, there is no market. That’s why -despite threats of snow- I set up my tent at the local open air market around 7 a.m. By 10 I remained the only living soul with goods displayed as the snow began to fall. Sadly, the moist snow flakes began to collect on my images so I had to leave. Showing up, as Woody Allen once said, is what separate winners from losers. So, if you saw me there today, don’t brand me as crazy. I was just always taught to “show up” when I said I would.


I love adult learners because they are hungry and demanding- in a good way. Take my photography class students, for instance. With class one over tonight, they are bent on shooting better- realizing that there are very few absolutes in art. Put another way, it takes courage for people to make images some may say are not good. It also builds confidence. I hope when you visit my new web site ( that you will see I focus on shooting what interests me, not necessarly what sells.

Travels around the world have proven one thing: some guys are leg men. Can you tell what is happening in this image I shot in Greece? Also, this image “works” because of angle and repetition- two key compositional elements.

Chicken's Pride

Former CEOs are not always tech savy so I failed to send this image first time around. It is an example of telling a story with hands, though I could show you a full shot of this Vietnamese street merchant. Somes LESS is more. (Let’s hope this post works this time or I am going to withdraw from cyperspace!)

Look closely and you will see The Washington Monument behind this happy tourist. There are times when images have more impact when they are understated, in mind. What do YOU think?

Author Stephen Covey says things happen twice- once in your mind and then in reality. In short, it if you can dream it chances are your aspirations will come true. Here is proof. Copy and paste this link then click on Photo Finish.

So, what do you do with all the extra photographs you get when order doubles at your local Ritz or CVS? Use them a postcards. Send them to friends so they can see what your’re doing. Gee, a new concept- getting something fun in the mail!

Some eight past photo students have volunteered to join me in creating images – at no cost- for local non profit agencies. Do you agree with me that a photograph can change hearts and minds? -Steve

As promised, I will send a matted image to the person who becomes the 300th friend so there is still time to receive an image “suitable for framing!!” Meantime, a quick photo tip: when you find a shot, “work it”. Don’t stop at one or two frames. Shoot until YOU are satisfied you nailed it. I used to be ashamed to show other shooters my proof sheets because they included lots of misfires.That was my male ego showing.You have to shoot some crap to get great images. So, shoot..and work it.-Steve

I am out in the West making images (which you will see very soon). Looking up at the Sedona skies you see stars that take your breath away. Too bad city lights limit our ability to see the world in the context of what is all around us.