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It takes courage to find your song (in life) AND, if you’re musical, to share it right in the middle of the big city. Even when no one seems to listen or care. Courage, my friends. In addition to musician, I am always a sucker for light. Title: SoloSolo 11 x copy


So I’m at the Philadelphia City Hall. Great design, super light AND a person with white shoes makes the image work (I think).  “Follow the Light.”


Dark Side

I saw the signs of patriotism and just waited. Many people came into the frame but this man – with his skin art- seemed to be the best fit. “America, too” is the title and my way of saying the country is big enough for people of all experiences.America, too web

I am always fascinated by the way a simple change in light can transform a setting AND create mood. Then you just wait for something to happen…..NEW DAY blog

Six miles of walking and shooting netted zip until I came to this Athens train station. It was the design that caught my eye BUT it was my patience that helped give life to the image.  I waited for one train to be still while the other pulled out. I also hoped for one passenger running to a train. With a VERY cold wind to my back, I shot 110 images over a 2 hour period. Creativity doesn’t just happen:-)Lone Commuter copy

Graffiti- or street art (at best)- often reflects the economy, society or both- as well as the people who walk our streets. In the middle of one of America’s richest cities, I found this image a contradiction.LEft Behind web

I tend to shoot people more than things but the Freedom Tower shown nicely in the morning light today in New York. I think the trees remind us we build great building but only trees really last.LEt Freedom RIng BLOG

Sometimes the best portraits make you wonder- give you less than more “information.” I’m not sure how I feel about this latest capture, but your comments will be helpful. My title options range from Head Shot to Good

Finding interesting content on the streets is not unlike looking through a kaleidoscope- sometimes you see nothing and then, out of the blue, the right justaposition of people and environment come together. Some professionals say don’t walk so much- presuming that you are better off saving your energy for target rich settings. I’m not that lucky. I need to walk my butt off to find content.fair-warning-web

I saw the lamp post and the slick streets….then waited for people with umbrellas. This image is about light in my mind.The Rain in Spain 11x copy