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That’s how I titled this image because the girl looks lost in a big world. I think collectors of this photograph will relate to that calling. The good news, though, is her Dad was close around so she is not alone.


fin way blog

Angle? Check. Pattern- an easy compositional element? Check. All I needed to do was wait and wait.  Titles also help. I think Free Trade Zone speaks to her hard, independent work.

free enter-blog


I love street reflections and the best place to find them is in the middle of the street! The rain kept most people out but this intrepid soul found his way home.

city soul web

One of the joys of photography is the ability to tell stories about people who faced challenges but found community support – and acceptance- through local non profits like Kennett Area Community Services. None of us are immune to a wrong turn or a bad break so it’s good to know people want to care for each other.

P web copy

Hey, you CAN have second career- as documented by Photographer’s Forum in the Winter issue. Check out the whole issue  (BUY IT) after you go to Click on ABOUT ME. Then click on the red copy…which will provide a link at bottom left.  The inserted image is for graphics- the link will take you to the real forum1

The Q line  at 72nd Street in New York is an engineering achievement- and nightmare for people like me who hate heights. That’s why I shot this from the bottom of the escalator….at a 3rd of a second to create a sense of motion against the isolation of late night New York.

Speed of Light web

Hey, can you imagine hauling your sound gear to a park and then singing? I guess I’m on Sing Your Song 18 x alt WEBa track lately where I really admire street performers- many of whom will be signing record deals one day. The tunnel’s wall and subdued light helped make this image work, along with the wonderful vocals he shared with people passing by.

It takes courage to find your song (in life) AND, if you’re musical, to share it right in the middle of the big city. Even when no one seems to listen or care. Courage, my friends. In addition to musician, I am always a sucker for light. Title: SoloSolo 11 x copy

Six miles of walking and shooting netted zip until I came to this Athens train station. It was the design that caught my eye BUT it was my patience that helped give life to the image.  I waited for one train to be still while the other pulled out. I also hoped for one passenger running to a train. With a VERY cold wind to my back, I shot 110 images over a 2 hour period. Creativity doesn’t just happen:-)Lone Commuter copy

Graffiti- or street art (at best)- often reflects the economy, society or both- as well as the people who walk our streets. In the middle of one of America’s richest cities, I found this image a contradiction.LEft Behind web