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I tend to shoot people more than things but the Freedom Tower shown nicely in the morning light today in New York. I think the trees remind us we build great building but only trees really last.LEt Freedom RIng BLOG


I knew it was going to rain in Central Park. I knew I would ruin a new pair of shoes as I walked through puddles. I knew my crummy , low end -sort of point and shoot -would survive the rain just barely (protected by one of those cheap $5 umbrellas you get from savy NY vendors). Still, I knew I wanted to capture mood, while I caught a cold. I think I succeeded…

Rain 'n Love

So, a young woman I know is heading to New York in a few weeks in hopes HER bottom will win a price. That’s right,-a nationally known sportsware company will be photographing women in their apparel, from behind. Maybe I should apply for that gig…..