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I tend to shoot people more than things but the Freedom Tower shown nicely in the morning light today in New York. I think the trees remind us we build great building but only trees really last.LEt Freedom RIng BLOG

I saw the lamp post and the slick streets….then waited for people with umbrellas. This image is about light in my mind.The Rain in Spain 11x copy

Some images need a second look. Like this one I shot recently. I was intrigued by the juxtaposition. Images should make you think, right?smiller

The angle of the shadows, the arches AND the boy with the skate board ALL create a sense of movement and flow, at least in my mind (and frame).

The angle of the shadows, the arches AND the boy with the skate board ALL create a sense of movement and flow, at least in my mind (and frame).

I knew it was going to rain in Central Park. I knew I would ruin a new pair of shoes as I walked through puddles. I knew my crummy , low end -sort of point and shoot -would survive the rain just barely (protected by one of those cheap $5 umbrellas you get from savy NY vendors). Still, I knew I wanted to capture mood, while I caught a cold. I think I succeeded…

Rain 'n Love

Expression's Everything

I titled this,”Wise Guy.” He was absolutely joyous as I shot some 20 images of him on an Asian street. He paid me no mind, instead dealing with admirers of his work. I think the Chinese characters add context to the shot.

Here was this tiny little soul, aboard her Dad’s boat, breathing in a big yawn as she came home from a day of fishing. It was her gesture, and white hat, that attracted my attention. Shooting only three quick frames, I made sure Dad was in the picture, but NOT dominant. Had his face been visable, it would have drawn attention from her.The image has good tonal range, but not as dramatic as some of my portraits.

Just back from my trip to Asia, I just printed this image- a good example (hopefully) of how contrast can add power to an image. Contrast of both subject matter and tones. As always, a decent images comes from a lot of walking and shooting. You can see more of my trip at (go to Combinations 16 and 17) or visit me at Courthouse Market (SAT) and at Eastern Market (SUN). Gee, from 80 degrees to winter weather. I will be the guy shivering…

Gestures communicate. They tell a story without words. I think the best images capture physical movements that document a feeling or action. As you shoot, look for the little things because, over time, they are the BIG things.

Some images are literal. Others find their strength in the questions they pose, a challenge you might see in this image. Titled “Waitress Tip,” I chose to angle the camera to avoid revealing identities. Instead, I wanted to stress hands. My Eye of the Photographer classes covers image composition. See Winter classes.