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Monthly Archives: August 2010

My training was in journalism. And, journalists are taught to question the polished news release or well phrased anwser. In short, to look beyond. Sadly, I still seem to need those skills today in dealing with institutions and even some people. Just look at all the people you trusted prior to the recent financial melt down. “Looking beyond” is something good photographers do, too. Always trying to see what others miss.


There she was. A beginning photo student of mine with a scrap book of her best images. Therin lies the problem. Many images were good, but 90% were not as worthy as the 10% which reflected her emerging skills. I told her she was surrounding herself with “average” when she should post, mount, hang -whatever- ONLY her best so that the bar was high, not low. Meantime, I will not return to Urban Village Market and Eastern until Aug 28.

I grew up looking at Life and Time Magazine, among many others. I urge you to go to