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Monthly Archives: June 2010

“Imagination is more important than information,” according to Albert Einstein (author of the theory of relativity).If that is true, and I believe it is, how do we nurture our ability to be imaginative? For me, I try to be a aware of my creative process. I seem to go through cycles of dormancy followed by a palpable “tension” that often results in spurt of creativity (usually in the waking hours of the day. How about you?


Making great images requires you study, react and act when making an image. I wish we would do the same when considering current events. I am posting a link to an edit on the FTC you may find interesting or on the opposite side of your political perspective. See how you respond when you read it. Did you give the point of view a chance?

There is considerable debate over whether or not photographs should be titled (and whether or not the title should be on the mat or on the image.) I am now convinced that titles are like frosting on the cake. Others see them as constraining how a viewer sees an image. I orginally called the attached image, “China.” I now call it “BROKEN CHINA.” Do you think it is better?