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Monthly Archives: May 2010

So, a young woman I know is heading to New York in a few weeks in hopes HER bottom will win a price. That’s right,-a nationally known sportsware company will be photographing women in their apparel, from behind. Maybe I should apply for that gig…..


Who ever said “Art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary” needs a round of applause. We go through life with such focus that we miss the nuances of all that surrounds us. Maybe that is what artists bring us in their work. I vow to slow down. A little.

I spent most of my “professional career” locked away in air conditioned conference rooms or on airplanes. Weather could be handled with an umbrella or appropriate coat. Then I gave up being a “suit” to join artists who often meet their best customers at open air markets. That means Mother Nature is in charge and my fate is in her hands. Boy, have I gained a new appreciation for farmers to construction workers who watch the clouds (like I do now).