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Finding interesting content on the streets is not unlike looking through a kaleidoscope- sometimes you see nothing and then, out of the blue, the right justaposition of people and environment come together. Some professionals say don’t walk so much- presuming that you are better off saving your energy for target rich settings. I’m not that lucky. I need to walk my butt off to find content.fair-warning-web


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  1. Hi Steven,
    I wanted to respond to what you wrote: I totally agree with you and find it frustrating. Sometimes I find an amazing photo, like this morning. However, at the moment, I can’t think of what blog post to put it in, and then the moment is gone. I need to just take the photo and worry what I will do with it later, but I over analyze everything.
    I am from New York originally. Does that make me one of the New York girls the marquis wrote about, LOL?
    Maybe you’d like to check out my blog. I blog about photography and photo-editing sites often.
    I met you at WordPress but I think my link goes to my old site there. I blog at Nice to meet you.

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