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Some two weeks after walking the streets of Cuba (legally), I remain struck by how Castro’s stated goal of wealth re-distribution has left so many of his countryman with little few assets and diminished hope (though some Cubans would say it is the US embargo that prevents prosperity). There is an undercurrent of hustle in the underground economy,but most days it appears the heat and oppression take its toll on the human spirit.I share this observation because it is easy for elected leaders to offer a chicken in every pot (as one president said), but real personal …and national security ….comes from responsible capitalism. The problem is our business leaders have often betrayed that promise which is why many people today want a government guarantee for everything from a fair wage to protection from irresponsible corporate actions. I fear, though, that the pendulum has swung too far. That people have forgotten that we can’t promise things that we can’t afford. That over-regulation creates more problems than the original sins that made the the laws necessary. Photographers, like me, notice people….and moods. I don’t think Americans want dependency on government, as in Cuba. I think they want government that works to keep us safe and productive. What say you (at the risk of alienating some of my fans)??


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